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I Was Really Unhappy

I was at the point in my life where I was really stuck and I needed to find a way out. I was eating way too much. I was really overweight. I had a relationship with a great girl and it was doing ok,  you know there was love…but it could’ve been a lot better. It’s funny, I don’t feel the same connection with this guy; it’s like it’s someone else. But this was all I knew,

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I Was Really Scared

My breakthrough came at a very pivotal time in my life and I’ve never looked back. I can still touch on some of the emotions and the situations that I found myself in before but they no longer rule my life.

I spent my whole life as a teacher and I’ve learned all the different skills that I use. My teaching is gone through the roof with regards to my interaction with the children and the ability to lead them.

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I Was Really Shy

I used to feel really unhappy inside myself. Life was quite lonely without a partner, especially on Friday Night when everybody is hanging out. If I’m not hanging out with friends I feel quite lonely and I have nobody to share my life with. I used to live inside my head and I think I made different barriers for myself. The reason why I’m not going for a new relationship is.. I’m thinking what my parents want.

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I Was Overthinking Everything

Most of my life I was caught up in my head, stuck into a computer kind of, looking at the wall for different words that were code, like some sort of logical thing that I could think my way around that I could, approach of people as though they were computers. That was really the only way I thought that I could communicate to people. I was completely missing the emotional component the, the connection,

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I Was Feeling Sad

So you’re probably in a place where you’re not sure who to trust. And who am I? I’m nobody. I’m sitting in front of you and telling you a story about how I used to be. And who are you to believe that? Cause seriously you get told stories every day. And people tell you stuff everyday and say this is how I used to be or try to spin the story but all I can say is that I was there and it took a long time for somebody to come along who said to me the thing that made a difference to me.

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