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I Was Feeling Lost

How would you like to be cool with expressing exactly what you want to express… when you want to? I remember when I thought that I couldn’t. When I thought that I wasn’t good enough…

Afraid, uncertain, no backbone. Scared of what people thought of me. Making decisions and choices based on what other people would think, rather than what I actually wanted in my life. I did what I thought was right to try and fit in,

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I Was Caught Up In My Head

Do you feel like there’s something missing, like when you’re talking to someone? Then you notice you don’t know what that is, it just doesn’t feel right?

I remember many times when I was with my partner, and she’d tell me that I wasn’t there with her. This one time, we just had an awesome date: movies, dinner, talking about our week and she said it to me… I was thinking to myself,

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I Was Hiding

Every day, I would look out the window as I travelled on my long journey home after work… thinking there must be something more to my life…but what is it? What is it that there is something more of – to locate, to find, to search, to create? And I knew that I was worth more than this – but how on earth do I find it? Where do I go? What do I do?

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I Had Lost Hope

Actually, I never knew what life was about when I was younger. I just wanted to have fun by laughing, playing, being a ‘tomboy,’ as I was called so unmistakably, in my younger days. Growing up was super fun; so I thought at that time…

Gradually, life became more difficult for me after I turned 13. Things happened to me and although life went on, I just kept myself happy and enjoyed life with my friends,

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I Didn’t Feel Good Enough

Have you ever felt like you’re not good enough, not good looking enough, not smart enough? Maybe you have not been satisfied in relationships, or not good enough to get that raise at work…and sometimes it can really get you down. The effects can last a long time and be quite devastating and depressing. The fact that you have to ‘pretend’ to be doing great makes everything worse, too.

I felt this way for most of my life.

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It Was Ok To Be Vulnerable?

Have you ever felt like your life was just going through the motions? That you are spending way too much time on your days; which are drifting by, floating away… Sometimes you are doing the things that others around you suggest you should do. Just because it is ‘expected.’ On and on it goes… following trends, exhausting yourself; because it is expected of you. The worst part is that – on the outside; everyone thinks you are exceptionally happy,

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I Was Frustrated With Life

I used to wake up each morning; contemplating whether it was worth the effort to get out of bed and go to work that day. It wasn’t that I was depressed, it’s that I was so unbelievably jacked off at the cards life had dealt me. I was that seething in my own cesspool of anger; it felt like a way of getting revenge; for circumstances that riled me. Sometimes, life throws you a curve ball and you strike out,

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I Didn’t Know What To Do With My Life

Have you ever felt as though something was missing in your life but you couldn’t put your finger on what the problem was? Yep, a feeling in your gut that something is off and not quite right. So, you try for a while; weeks, months or maybe even years to figure out what that thing is – that could be the answer to whatever it is that you’re feeling is missing. I’ve been in this place before.

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I Didn’t Feel Worthy

At what point do we decide what our value is? When do we accept this idea or concept of what it means to be worthy? Someone’s affection, a nice car, a good job, loving parents? When do we expect those around us to form their own idea of their true self-worth? And when do we see our own? How many heartaches, heartbreaks and negative circumstances will bring us to understand this?

If I had really understood this concept I may have been so much more…it may not have stopped me from doing whatever I wanted to do.

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I Felt So Frustrated

Why do you wake up in the morning? And…do you start your day with a bang? Are you being grateful for: the gifts in your life, a roof over your head, food on the table, a warm cosy chair. And how lucky you are, to even be alive! I know that many people around the world today are not so lucky. Some of them do not have; a home, food, shelter, or family. Imagine that,

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I Thought Showing Emotion Was A Sign Of Weakness

It’s funny, growing up I was always surrounded by strong male influences. From a young age, I started hanging around the Rugby Club with my ‘old man.’ And through my own playing career, I was always conditioned to block out all emotions and feelings. At the time, I never really noticed. And I noticed, ever so slowly, I was putting up a brick wall around me, like a reinforced shield; not letting any emotion from others in.

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