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I Didn’t Feel Good Enough

Have you ever felt like you’re not good enough, not good looking enough, not smart enough? Maybe you have not been satisfied in relationships, or not good enough to get that raise at work…and sometimes it can really get you down. The effects can last a long time and be quite devastating and depressing. The fact that you have to ‘pretend’ to be doing great makes everything worse, too.

I felt this way for most of my life. What I was good at was wearing a fake mask. To hide my true feelings. The kind of mask that gave the impression, that I was doing great in all areas of my life… but in actual fact, I felt like I was dying inside. There was so much hurt and I was feeling it all of the time; it was all around me. Niggling, annoying me, and taking me to a very sad place. It didn’t matter where I was, the feeling was there. Following me, everywhere I went.

That’s right, I understand. It may be how you feel too, and you know what it feels like. It’s like a rock that is sitting on your chest at all times. That dredging feeling that constantly bites – and it is weighing you down with sadness and unbearable pain. Sometimes, you will be talking to people with only half a breath; not knowing how to express yourself. Walking around feeling invisible, lifeless, anxious and empty.

Well, I can tell you that it was impossible for me at every turn of my life, at the time. At work, at home, with friends. It was always there; eating its way at my confidence. And maybe you are reading this is yourself, now. So, I want to tell you that it is your self-worth that has been taken away from you. The sadness, the depression, the emptiness and the melancholy…it is all because you lack self-worth.

Ask yourself, “what is self-worth? Is it one or more of the things I have spoken to you about earlier; or is it something else you may be feeling? The negative emotions, the fears and the doubts. It’s all part of it.

Sit back now, and imagine what it would be like to shift this rock of sadness, or depression, or anger or any other negative emotion or fear based energy. Now, I want you to replace it with a feeling of positive self-worth, where you can really look in the mirror and love what you see. You now have the confidence to stand out to be heard. When you walk, you will be walking with your back straight and smiling; both inside and out, if you wish to do so. And of course you do! Now – imagine being comfortable doing all of this, and knowing you’re worthy of having a beautiful, real, loving and positive self-worth attitude. Mhm, can you feel it yet…

That’s right, you are doing it now aren’t you? Now isn’t that a refreshing feeling? Try it again, with more gusto this time! Imagine yourself feeling the way you want to, now: happy, loved, healthy, fun-loving…any of these, and all of them! Like a happy puppy or a child at Christmas time…yes, yes, yes!

All of those feelings of low self-esteem and sometimes even no self-worth, was me… I now know how wonderful my true self-worth is, thankfully. It is super important, because it affects absolutely everything in your life. Yes, everything, unfortunately.

Every day now, when I look in the mirror; I tell myself, “I love you for who you are and what you are growing to become.” And if you are asking yourself how you can do that…well my friend, you have taken the first step already by reading this. That’s right, you have had enough now, and you also want your life to change, like I did. You are willing to change now, and it is the amazing start of your remarkable self-worth journey. And yes, it is okay to smile at yourself now while you read this…I am smiling too, for you.

The caring people I have found, are in my life at Emotion Academy. They are all always acting as my family; to help me grow in all the areas of my life. Thanks to the beautiful, supportive, honest people at Emotion Academy; I no longer have that rock of sadness sitting on my chest, holding me back. I now have a beautiful family, that cares about me. And I now also have a successful job, wonderful friends and a happy outlook on life, too.

I am now content with who I am and how I am, in every single way. Love is a wonderful, honest word. Well it’s time to start loving yourself and feeling your beautiful self-worth too. You are truly beautiful, amazing, gorgeous and totally worth it! Yes, yes, you really are…